New Australian games industry report tracks major job trends

Games Jobs Live, a recruitment insights program, has revealed major trends in the Australian games industry job market.
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Games Jobs Live, a games-industry focussed recruitment insights platform, has released its first ever jobs report for the Australian games market, in partnership with IGEA, revealing the number of jobs publicly available for industry talent, and where growth opportunities lie.

According to the company, PlaySide Studios, Blowfish, and SMG are Australia’s top recruiters for April 2023, with around 176 roles going across 37 unique games companies located in the region. Some companies have upwards of 15 roles going, while others are reportedly scaling back, due to the current uncertainly of the economy.

‘This month there are 176 jobs advertised as available across the Australian Games Industry,’ the inaugural monthly report for Australia claims.

‘This is down from February (190) and January (216), in part because some of the jobs will have been removed as they’ve been successfully filled. But it also echoes the trend of studios being more cautious with listing new positions that we’ve seen in the UK where we’ve been tracking job numbers for over two years.’

Given current economic circumstances, and the continued rise of global inflation, this reluctance can certainly be explained.

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In its assessment of Australia’s games industry and available jobs, Games Jobs Live further broke down where the market is growing, and what opportunities are available across each state. As expected, Melbourne has the highest amount of available jobs – 93 – due to the majority of Australia’s game studios finding their home in Victoria.

Next up is Sydney, with 54 available jobs, followed far behind by the Gold Coast, which has 12 available jobs. Adelaide (10), Brisbane (6) and Darwin (1) make up the rest of the total.

The top ten recruiters in the country, as of April 2023, are reportedly:

  • Playside Studios – 15 jobs available
  • Blowfish Studios – 13 jobs available
  • SMG Studio – 10 jobs available
  • Foxie Games – 9 jobs available
  • Grease Monkey Games – 8 jobs available
  • Ubisoft – 8 jobs available
  • AltaVR – 8 jobs available
  • Goati Entertainment – 7 jobs available
  • Goblin Hammer Games – 7 jobs available
  • BigAnt Studios – 7 jobs available

As for the most sought after roles, these include the following disciplines: Code, Art, Production, Design, Animation, and QA. The most common jobs offered are Producer, Mid/Senior C++ Game Developer, UI Artist, Associate Producer, Unreal Developer, Senior Programmer, and Senior Game Designer.

Just 13 junior roles are noted as being available for those entering the industry, according to Games Jobs Live. The vast majority of open positions demand at least some level of experience.

You can view the summary report of the Games Jobs Live Australian industry analysis for April 2023 online.

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