Vampire Survivors is coming to Apple Arcade in August 2024

Prepare to unleash bullet hell when Vampire Survivors lands on the subscription service.
Vampire Survivors is one of many games coming to Xbox Game Pass in November 2022

Moreish roguelite Vampire Survivors is one of three new games coming to Apple Arcade in August 2024, bringing intense shoot-em-up action to players on mobile devices. This version of the game is ad-free, and includes two DLC expansions: Legacy of the Moonspell, and Tides of the Foscari. Additionally, it will offer multiplayer for up to four players on a single iOS device (using multiple controllers).

As announced, Vampire Survivors+ will launch for Apple Arcade subscribers on 1 August.

On that date, Apple Arcade will also get Temple Run: Legends, a remix of the classic game with new modes, challenges, and rewards. This game encompasses the “infinite run” mode of Temple Run, but it also includes a story mode with over 500 levels, and a range of new obstacles and gameplay tweaks in each run.

There’s also a neat surprise for Apple Vision Pro owners this month, as Apple Arcade’s August offerings including XR game Castle Crumble. This game tasks you with taking down enemy castles by using your hands to target their weak points, and then deploying powerful spells and explosions. Castle Crumble looks particularly neat for its use of mixed reality – castles in each level are transplanted into the physical world via the Apple Vision Pro headset.

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As you might expect, you’ll need access to this headset to play the game – and it’s not currently available in every territory. (Notably, the headset will be available in Australia from 12 July 2024. It’s now available for preorder, at the whopping price of AUD $5,999.)

In addition to announcing its August lineup, Apple has also confirmed a range of Apple Arcade games are set to get major updates throughout July. Hello Kitty Island Adventure is getting a special one-year anniversary event known as Friendship Festival, and new content is arriving for Sonic Racing, Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, WHAT THE CAR?, SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit,, and other games.

You can learn more about these updates on the Apple website.

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