Amazon’s Fallout TV series launches in 2024

Amazon has revealed a new teaser for its upcoming Fallout adaptation during Gamescom 2023.
amazon fallout tv show

A new look at Amazon Prime’s upcoming TV adaptation of Bethesda Game Studios’ Fallout has been shown off at Gamescom 2023. Per reporting from GamesRadar, Bethesda veteran Todd Howard surprised a crowd assembled for Starfield with a new look at the upcoming series, complete with fresh footage and a release date reveal of 2024.

Howard reportedly confirmed the footage was only for the assembled crowd, with no plans to release it publicly – but it’s very likely we’ll hear more about the upcoming show in the near future. Based on footage descriptions provided by GamesRadar, it appears there’ll be plenty to talk about in the coming months.

The teaser shown off at Gamescom 2023 featured a range of noteworthy shots, including one depicting Brotherhood of Steel soldiers marching against a bleak, sandy landscape. A Vault Dweller later appeared, exiting a Vault in a shot reminiscent of the opening scenes of many Fallout games.

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A Western-inspired town also made an appearance in the footage, with the camera panning to a ghoul in a cowboy hat who strongly resembles beloved Fallout 4 companion, John Hancock.

amazon fallout tv series
Image: Amazon

Following this reveal, a new teaser from Amazon confirmed the upcoming series would be set in the remains of Los Angeles – a setting that has excited fans of the franchise. The Fallout series has many ties to the Californian landscape, and particularly nearby Las Vegas. It serves as the main backdrop to the beloved New Vegas spin-off game – and the proximity of the announced setting may mean the action ventures into this gambling-infused locale at some point.

That said, the seeming appearance of Hancock could also tie the series closely to Fallout 4, which is mostly set in Boston.

We’ll likely learn more about the series in the coming months, including how it ties to the Fallout games. Currently, the adaptation is planned to launch on Amazon Prime Video in 2024.

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