Alan Wake 2’s New Game Plus mode likely set for December

Alan Wake 2 is likely getting its highly-anticipated New Game Plus mode in December.
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Remedy Entertainment has seemingly confirmed Alan Wake 2 is getting its highly-anticipated New Game Plus mode in December 2023, in a new post on Twitter / X unbothered with subtlety. “New month, new game… plus?” Remedy wrote, accompanied by an image of Alan Wake himself shining a spotlight on a wall with “NEW GAME+” written in giant letters.

It’s not so much a tease as a fully-fledged announcement – and while details are currently scarce, we won’t have to wait long for more. In fact, we could see a firm announcement of the title’s New Game Plus mode as early as this week, potentially at The Game Awards 2023 on 7 December.

Given the game was initially announced at The Game Awards 2021, and that host Geoff Keighley already has a strong working relationship with Remedy Entertainment, a reveal on a grand stage makes a whole lot of sense. We could even see a simultaneous announcement and release, depending on Remedy’s progress.

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Whenever it drops, Alan Wake 2‘s New Game Plus mode sounds like it’ll be worth the wait. As previously detailed, it will add a new level of difficulty to the adventure, as well as an alternative narrative featuring new collectible Manuscript pages, and new video content.

Anyone who plays New Game Plus after finishing the main game will retain all their unlocked weapons and upgrades, which should make the repeat journey slightly more manageable.

“The New Game + in Alan Wake 2 is an additional layer to the already layered experience,” Sam Lake, creative director at Remedy said of the incoming mode. “This has always been part of the plan.”

At this stage, it’s unclear if New Game Plus will add to the game’s ending – which is far from final – or whether it will tease upcoming content arriving in the form of two post-launch DLC packs, currently titled Night Springs and The Lake House. Regardless, it’s a great excuse to play through one of the best games of 2023 all over again.

Stay tuned for updates on the release of Alan Wake 2‘s New Game Plus mode, and for fresh announcements out of The Game Awards 2023.

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