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shadow warrior 3 review

Shadow Warrior 3 review - Groan of blood

Blending humour six years past its prime with combat you’ve played before, Shadow Warrior 3 trims the fun, instead of…

Elden Ring Review art

Elden Ring Review - Stay a while, stay forever

Elden Ring’s outstanding open world is solemn, hauntingly beautiful, and full of perilous situations that inspire curiosity.

The King of Fighters XV

The King of Fighters XV Review - In Fighting Fashion

The King of Fighters XV continues the fast-paced and exciting nature of the series, but the art direction still leaves…

Dying Light 2 Review

Dying Light 2: Stay Human review - Dying Patience

Dying Light 2 starts strong with a satisfying gameplay loop, but overstays its welcome with a drawn-out narrative and irritating…

Sifu review ps5

Review: Sifu puts great care into combat, but less into cultural characterisation

A demanding combat system makes Sifu incredibly satisfying to play, but the game’s haphazard homage to Asian culture is filled…

uncharted film review

Uncharted film review: a swashbuckling misadventure

Uncharted is a bland, but occasionally enjoyable romp featuring a wildly mismatched cast.

Nobody Saves the World review

Nobody Saves the World Review - Fine forms

Nobody Saves the World blends recognisable aspects from different genres to create a wholly unique action adventure experience.

Total War Warhammer 3

Total War: Warhammer 3 Review - The Daemon’s Souls of War-Gaming

Total War: Warhammer 3 expands the grand strategy series with interesting new factions, game modes, and more approachable tutorials.

horizon forbidden west online project guerrilla

Horizon Forbidden West review – a breathtaking journey

Horizon Forbidden West is a breathtaking adventure with a gorgeous story and mind-blowing graphics.

playstation plus essential games olliolli world

OlliOlli World Review – What a wonderful world

OlliOlli World will steal your heart with its combo of colourful aesthetics, quirky characters and challenging platforming.

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