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facebook reality labs

Meta sunk US $2.96 billion into the metaverse in Q1 2022

The company formerly known as Facebook has invested massively in metaverse developer Reality Labs in Q1 2022.

animal crossing blockchain game

Former Nintendo boss wants to put Animal Crossing on the blockchain

Former Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aimé has expressed disappointment that his Animal Crossing island can't be monetised.

game workers australia

Game Workers Australia union celebrates launch in May

Australia's first union for games industry workers is set to launch on 1 May 2022, a day that celebrates the…

twitch layoffs january 2024

Twitch is reportedly planning major cuts to creator revenue

A new report has claimed the Twitch revenue split between creators and the company will advance to 50/50.

moving out best party games

Moving Out has hit one million copies sold since 2020

SMG Studio has celebrated the milestone on its second anniversary, and thanked everyone who purchased the game.

balan wonderland yuji naka speaks out

Square Enix doesn't value fans, says Balan Wonderworld director

Games industry veteran Yuji Naka is speaking out following the conclusion of legal proceedings against Square Enix.

starfield bethesda video games game releases september 2023

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase announced for June

With E3 no longer taking place in 2022, it appears games companies will be holding their own independent showcases.

dragon age mass effect bioware layoffs

BioWare QA contractors are fighting for a union

Contractors who have previously worked on titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age are moving towards unionisation.

fallout 5 bethesda game studios

PSA: Migrate your Bethesda Launcher games to Steam now

Bethesda is shutting down its game launcher and encouraging players to migrate their digital games to Steam.

ps now plus games removed

PlayStation Now is losing games ahead of PS Plus launch

The games listed for removal in May include a number of Sega and Konami titles.

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