PlayStation VR2 reportedly begins mass production

The upcoming device is reportedly expected to sell far more than its predecessor.
playstation vr 2

According to Bloomberg, Sony is now in full production for the PlayStation VR2, the upcoming VR device expected to launch in March 2023. Two million units are reportedly scheduled for manufacturing, with these expected to hit shelves around the world. It’s an ambitious number, but one that likely matches demand for the product.

While the original PlayStation VR took over a year to sell two million units, the PlayStation VR2 benefits from being a mature age product, and one with bountiful potential. There are many non-early adopters biding their time – waiting for that ‘new gen’ VR device that tackles the bugbears of existing units, which are still far from perfect.

The PSVR2 isn’t exactly perfect – it’s still a cabled device that requires an elusive PlayStation 5 to run – but it does feature higher resolution screens, reportedly has crisper and more realistic graphics, and also has more tactile controls. For these reasons, it’s likely there’ll be more interest in the device.

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Sources speaking to Bloomberg believe the mass production is already firmly underway, with Sony accounting for major bottlenecks and unprecedented demand. It’s likely that dealing with the tumultuous PlayStation 5 development cycle over the last two years has taught the company many lessons, with manufacturing planned around potential blockages and other shortages.

By the sounds of things, it could be much easier to get a PlayStation VR2 than it currently is to get a PlayStation 5. Sony is reportedly addressing the console shortage alongside this new manufacturing, but demand is still outweighing set goalposts, with the PS5 being one of the most in-demand consoles on the market.

Regardless, it’s an exciting time in the VR space. When the PlayStation VR2 launches, it’s expected to arrive alongside 20 new games – including Resident Evil Village VR, and Horizon Call of the Mountain VR.

Stay tuned for more news on the PSVR2 in the coming months. While the device does not yet have a firm release date, we’re anticipating an official update shortly. As of writing, it appears manufacturing is well on track to meet an early 2023 launch date.

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