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palworld pokemon company investigation

The Pokemon Company issues statement on Palworld

The Pokemon Company has issued a rare official statement on Palworld, indicating it is investigating the game.

James pokemon tcg trading card game

The Pokemon Company is hiring an NFT and blockchain expert

The Pokémon Company International has posted a new job listing, seeking someone with knowledge and connections in the Web3 and…

the pokemon company nft game lawsuit

Pokemon NFT game creators sued by The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has filed a claim against Kotiota Studios for advertising a fake Pokemon NFT game.

pokemon scarlet and violet company donation

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sell over 10 million copies in three days

Despite technical performance issues, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have become the best and fastest-selling games in Nintendo history.

pokemon violet scarlet february 2023 update

How long do Pokemon Scarlet and Violet take to beat?

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet are robust games that invite players to travel a wide open world, and complete quests with…

pokemon scarlet violet review

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet review roundup 

The reviews for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are in, and despite its technical flaws, it’s gotten many excited for the…

pokemon scarlet and violet company donation

The Pokemon Company pledges US $25 million to charity organisations

The sum will be delivered across the next five years, and will go directly towards non-profit organisations.

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl leak

The Pokemon Company is building its own museum

The Pokemon Company is building its own 'archive and museum' to better preserve its iconic history.

pokemon legends arceus

The Pokemon Company reportedly has 'record' financial year

The Pokemon Company has reportedly noted a record financial year following major launches for Arceus, Diamond, Pearl and Snap.