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Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft announces another 10-year cloud gaming deal

Microsoft has signed another agreement to make its future cloud offerings more widespread, following concerns by the UK markets authority.

call of duty cloud gaming streaming xbox boosteroid microsoft deal

Microsoft signs 10-year deal with cloud gaming provider, Boosteroid

Boosteroid has risen to become one of the largest independent cloud gaming providers in recent years.

pentanet optus geforce now

Optus and Pentanet form GeForce NOW partnership for Australia

NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming is a focus of Optus and Pentanet's new partnership.

google stadia worm game

Google releases first and final Stadia title, Worm Game

The final game released for Google Stadia is a colourful, worm-filled celebration.

cloud gaming for consoles

Xbox Game Studios launches publishing arm for cloud-native games

Xbox has launched a new publishing arm focussed on bringing out the potential of cloud gaming.

nintendo switch cloud gaming australia
Opinions & Analysis

Why Australia doesn't get Nintendo Switch cloud games

Kingdom Hearts has been dated for Switch, but Australian fans will likely miss out.

GeForce Now is launching in Australia

Cloud gaming service GeForce Now is live in Australia

GeForce Now will let you play PC games with high-end graphical settings across various devices, including desktops, laptops, smart TVs,…

Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming service launches in Australia

The Xbox Cloud Gaming service will let you play a variety of Xbox games using PC and mobile devices on…