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Kinder World mobile games monetisation

What are games worth? Australian mobile game developers talk monetisation

What are games worth? We ask three current mobile game designers about their attitudes and practical approaches to in-game monetistation

The Australian Digital Games Tax Offset is now in effect

Australia's Digital Games Tax Offset has been introduced

The Digital Games Tax Offset will provide a 30% tax rebate for game development projects that reach a threshold of…

Amberial Dreams

Amberial Dreams is a clever musical physics platformer with no jump

Science and music harmonise together nicely in Amberial Dreams, a unique 2D pinball-like platformer where you can't jump.

Darkweb Streamer

darkwebSTREAMER is a disturbing emergent narrative experience

darkwebSTREAMER is a curious game that wants to replicate the stress of livestreaming, with a bit of the occult mixed…

Screen Queensland Phantom Abyss

Screen Queensland launches video game residency program

Screen Queensland is set to launch a brand new residency program to support early career game developers.

alt-shift-play australian games

Alt-Shift-Play is a cosy exhibition of Australian games in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the host city of Alt-Shift-Play, an exhibit taking attendees on a journey through Australian games.

Len's Island Uncharted Waters

Len's Island gets major 'Uncharted Waters' update in December

Len's Island, the Australian-made survival and dungeon crawling game is getting its biggest content update since its launch one year…

sports story nintendo indie world

Sports Story is officially launching in December 2022

The highly-anticipated sequel to Golf Story officially has a release date – and it's very soon.

Digital Games Tax Offset Federal Albanese Labor Government

Australian Government to officially enact Digital Game Tax Offset

The new Australian Labor Government has committed to backing the Digital Games Tax Offset, which will bolster the local games…

Kardboard Kings

Card shop game Kardboard Kings coming to Switch with big update

The Australian-made card shop management game is getting a big new update, and coming to Nintendo Switch.

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