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screen territory northern government games funding

Northern Territory government announces funding for video games

The Northern Territory government has announced a major expansion of its creative funding program.

league of geeks jumplight odyssey

Jumplight Odyssey sets early access launch for 2023

Space adventure-simulator Jumplight Odyssey is set to hit early access via Steam in 2023.

Rooftop Renegade by Melonhead Games

Game Jams, Speedrunning, and AVCon: The story of Rooftop Renegade

Designer Patrick Webb from Melonhead Games talks about speedrunning, the South Australian game dev community, and how Rooftop Renegade was…

Serenade Event Sabbatical Gallery

'Serenade' brings experimental Sydney games to Melbourne

The Serenade collective is highlighting the work of the Sydney and NSW experimental art game scene, bringing them to Melbourne.

boba master quokka games

Boba Master is a cosy slice-of-life card game packed with tricks

In Boba Master, you must mix your own bubble tea – but there's a clever catch in this Australian-made game.

wood & weather game paper house

Wood & Weather trailer reveals a giant hand, cutesy chaos

The first trailer for god game Wood & Weather shows off an adorable, chaotic, Playmobil-like world.

sports story sidebar games developer room

Sports Story developer room gets 'positive' makeover

The hidden developer room in Sports Story no longer contains references to a poorly managed game studio.

Untitled Goose Game Australian Interactive Games Fund National Cultural Policy

Australian Government to re-establish Interactive Games Fund

Australia's new National Cultural Policy will re-establish video game funding for local developers.

national cultural policy australia

Unpacking's developers discuss homes as reflective and human places

Tim and Wren from Witch Beam talk about their game Unpacking, and discuss how we relate to homes as reflective…

darkwebSTREAMER interview with Chantal Ryan

Probing darkwebSTREAMER's take on streaming culture

darkwebSTREAMER explores the lengths live streamers will go to for attention. Its creator, Chantal Ryan, spoke to us under the…

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