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Wydle Flowers Apple Arcade

New Wylde Flowers update will add more romance and endless seasons

Studio Drydock's award-winning life simulator Wylde Flowers gets a new update that adds affection animations and lets you change seasons.

Dead Cells Apple Arcade

The excellent Dead Cells is coming to Apple Arcade in December

The roguelike action platformer Dead Cells will be available for Apple Arcade subscribers in December 2022.

apple app store awards 2022 winners

Wylde Flowers is the Apple Arcade Game of the Year 2022

The winners of Apple's App Store Awards for 2022 have officially been announced.

old man's journey apple arcade november 2022

Every game coming to Apple Arcade in November 2022

Here's everything you can expect to see on Apple Arcade in November 2022.

iphone 14 pro max review gaming
Opinions & Analysis

I used an iPhone 14 Pro Max to unearth a mobile game graveyard

The App Store keeps a record of everything you've ever downloaded. Returning to an iPhone ten years later revealed just…

nba 2k23 apple arcade october 2022

Every new game coming to Apple Arcade in October 2022

Here's everything you can expect from Apple Arcade this October.

Tom Hanks Apple Arcade Hanx101 Trivia

Tom Hanks is releasing his first video game on Apple Arcade

New games coming to Apple Arcade this September include a debut video game from legendary actor, Tom Hanks.

bomberman game apple arcade

Every new game coming to Apple Arcade in August

Apple Arcade is set to get four new games in August, including a fresh, new Konami-developed Bomberman.

subway surfers tag apple arcade july 2022

Every game coming to Apple Arcade in July 2022

Apple Arcade subscribers are in for a whopping July as the service continues to expand.

cooking mama cuisine review

Cooking Mama: Cuisine! review – a delicious distraction

Cooking Mama: Cuisine! presents a lovely twist on the cooking game formula, although its content is currently limited.

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