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the thing ps2 xbox remaster

The Thing (2002) seems to be getting a Nightdive remaster

A teaser image posted by Nightdive Studios has many speculating about the return of Computer Artworks' The Thing.

dragon age dreadwolf game

Dragon Age 4 is now subtitled 'The Veilguard'

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is no more, as BioWare renames its upcoming sequel.

astro bot playstation characters

Astro Bot will co-star 150 classic PlayStation characters

Astro Bot is shaping up to be a love letter to PlayStation history.

prince of persia sands of time remake

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake gains new co-developer

Ubisoft Toronto has officially joined the development team working on the remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

rabbids ubisoft xdefiant
Opinions & Analysis

Rabbids faction rumoured for XDefiant – and please, let it be true

Please, please, please put the Rabbids in XDefiant.

alan wake 2 night springs dlc reveal summer game fest

Alan Wake 2: Night Springs DLC likely set for Summer Game Fest reveal

Remedy Entertainment has changed its logo, and posted a very intriguing image of a drinking mug.

Astro Bot Team Asobi State of Play 2024

Astro Bot is getting his very own non-VR 3D platformer

Team Asobi's Astro Bot was a highly anticipated announcement for the State of Play 2024 – and it definitely did…

silent hill 2 remake trailer

Silent Hill 2 remake officially has a release date

Silent Hill 2's remake will release sooner than many expected – and it looks surprisingly good.

State of Play 2024 god of war game; sony raising game prices steam regional

PlayStation State of Play 2024: Every game announcement and trailer

Check out all 14 announcements and trailers from PlayStation State of Play 2024 below – including Until Dawn and Monster…

State of Play playstation live service games plans

Sony announces State of Play to discuss 14 PS5 and PS VR2 titles

The Sony State of Play showcase is set to return earlier than we'd expected, featuring a whole host of reveals…

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