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hello kitty island adventure merry meadow

Hello Kitty Island Adventure gets a brand new region in latest update

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is getting its fifth major content update on 23 February.

zeekerss lethal company

Lethal Company devs warn of "scam" mobile game

Zeekerss has alleged the new Lethal Company mobile game is "likely a scam."

hello kitty island adventure

Hello Kitty Island Adventure introduces special Valentine's Day festival

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is getting a major new update in February 2024.

elden ring mobile game

Elden Ring mobile reportedly in development at Tencent

A new report has alleged Tencent is working on adapting Elden Ring for mobile devices.

nier mobile game cancelled

Unannounced NieR mobile game reportedly cancelled

The NieR spin-off was reportedly in development for two years.

apple app store

Xbox, Spotify and others speak out against new Apple App Store policy

Apple plans to charge a fee for third-party iOS apps, based on download popularity.

plants vs zombies 3

Plants vs Zombies 3 soft launches in select regions today

Plants vs Zombies is back in a new mobile title focused on strategic play.

samsung galaxy s24 ai gaming

Samsung Galaxy S24 series includes wild AI features, and focus on gaming performance

The new Samsung Galaxy S24s boast wild new lifestyle and gaming-oriented features.

tamagotchi adventure kingdom review

Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom review – Life is sweet

Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom is a delightful life sim adventure with familiar gameplay, and plenty of nostalgia.

tamagotchi adventure kingdom gameplay

Interview: Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom was forged by "joyful nostalgia"

Chanh Ly, Publishing Lead at Bandai Namco Mobile and Executive Producer of Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom discusses the new adventure.

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