6 Bridgerton-style games to secure a love match with

Seeking a match like Colin and Penelope? Here's a few games that have that Bridgerton vibe.
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Gentle readers… Have you been hanging on the edge of your seat, waiting for the second half of Bridgerton: Season 3? Perhaps you’ve been overwhelmed by the carriage scene (if you know, you know) or you’ve been patiently yearning for Penelope and Colin to lock it in.

The best cure for your impatience is to fill your time with content that has a similar vibe – and that means sourcing games that have Bridgerton energy. From empire-waist gowns to lustful romances and all the drama of the Regency Era, there are plenty of games that can help fill that gap in your heart.

1. Regency Love

Regency Love - Bridgerton style
Image: Tea for Three Studios

This interactive mobile visual novel from Australian indie studio Tea for Three Studios is easily the most Bridgerton-esque game on the list. Inspired by the works of Jane Austen, Regency Love sees you learning relevant skills through mini-games, and interacting with townsfolk in your search to find a husband – if you think the Mamas in Bridgerton were single-minded, just you wait.

With multiple endings and potential suitors, you can craft a love story for the ages – so long as your riding, needlework and dancing skills are sufficient, of course.

2. The Sims: Medieval

The Sims: Medieval, depicting a Sim feeding a blue pit beast.
Screenshot: GamesHub

The Sims is truly our go-to recommendation for any kind of romance simulation, especially given how easy it is to craft identical facsimiles of your crushes (and then make them smooch). Although Bridgerton is firmly in the Regency Era – and nowhere near the Medieval period – the gowns and vibes of The Sims: Medieval are so pure and perfect that it ranks just higher than the regular game.

Besides, there’s something so satisfying about knowing you can always throw any unsuccessful matches directly into the Beast’s Pit – and even play as Queen, presiding over your court with a discerning eye.

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3. The Lady’s Choice

The Lady's Choice - Bridgerton Regency piece
Image: Seraphinite Games

Similar in style to Regency Love, The Lady’s Choice is a visual novel that sees you play as the daughter of a Viscount, making her way in the Regency Era. Bridgerton enough for you? What sets the game apart is the very real possibility of accidentally sending your character into ruin – or worse, a loveless marriage.

In this itch.io game, it’s imperative that you strike a balance between conforming to the values of the time (read: being poised even when you’re faced with idiots) and breaking convention to find happiness with your true love.

4. Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings 3, from Paradox Interactive (Bridgerton piece)
Image: Paradox Interactive

When you boil it down, Bridgerton is all about ensuring your family dynasty is protected and secured, all through making the best possible matches for your children. If you think about it, Crusader Kings III is similar in nature – though admittedly there’s a whole lot of additional strategy to it.

Through garnering Renown, your characters can assert control over their houses, and make decisions for the good of everyone – much like Queen Charlotte does when she declares her diamond of the season (and attempts to make successful matches behind the scenes, to one-up Lady Whistledown).

5. Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening - Bridgerton piece
Image: Intelligent Systems / Nintendo

If you’re seeking a game that has all the drama and romance of Bridgerton, as well as an engaging turn-based combat system, you’ve found it. Though romance certainly isn’t the number one mechanic in Fire Emblem: Awakening, it’s an interesting element of the game – and each relationship adds new depth to the conversations you’ll enjoy.

Think of the battlefield like one of the Ton’s infamous balls – the more time the characters spend near each other (fighting, healing and so on), the closer their relationships will be. Once you hit a certain level, you can secure more than just a victory on the battlefield.

6. Bridgerton: The High Society Game

Bridgerton: The High Society Board Game
Image: Mixlore / Netflix

Sure, this one is a bit obvious – but you can’t deny it fits. This board game is the official accompaniment to the show, where you’ll play through a total of eight grand balls in the hopes of securing a dashing suitor and love match.

Bridgerton: The High Society Game features all your favourite characters from the first season, including the Duke, and all the eligible eponymous Bridgertons – and it’s encouraged to drop a hint to Lady Whistledown. After all, nothing makes your marriage prospects better than someone else having a dramatic scandal…

Whether you’re holding out for the next half of the season – or you just have an affinity for matchmaking games of love and devotion – there are a lot of options to tide you over until Bridgerton returns.

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