Hello Kitty Island Adventure gets fantasy-themed Imagination Celebration

Hello Kitty Island Adventure's latest update introduces a range of new celebrations and collectibles.
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Hello Kitty Island Adventure‘s 1.6 update has officially launched, introducing an array of colourful celebrations, as well as new outfits to collect, storyline quests, and a whole new explorable region. With this update, you’ll also be able to expand your cabins, ensuring your visitors are treated to the best possible amenities.

The first major celebration for this latest update is the Colorblaze Carnival Event, which places an array of special courses throughout Friendship Island. You’ll need to run and play through these courses to complete the event, and you’ll earn an array of themed rewards for your troubles.

Following this, on 15 April, the Imagination Celebration Event will kick off. During this event, you’ll be able to dress up as a knight, princess, or wizard, and take part in a fantasy-themed story about restoring magic to “Friendship Kingdom.” It appears this event will feature Mystic Stones that must be discovered before they’re taken by “Spooky Queen” Kuromi.


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While you’re completing these tasks, you’ll also be able to continue the game’s main story by putting on a concert with Hapidanbui, and restoring the Aquafaller technology to boost growth around your island.

As mentioned, you’ll also be able to upgrade your cabins, and make room for up to six Sanrio visitors. With this latest update, Hello Kitty’s parents – Poco and Chico – will come to visit, so it’s best to create the biggest, cosiest spaces to impress them.

There’s also another secret hiding in this latest game update: Merry Meadow now has a new region to explore, via magic beanstalks that will allow you to ascend the clouds and uncover “new treasures and secret rooms” filled with puzzles.

You can now download the latest Hello Kitty Island Adventure update to experience all that Friendship Kingdom has to offer.

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