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Terra Nil gets free Vita Nova DLC in latest update

Vita Nova is the first major update for Free Lives' nature builder, Terra Nil.
terra nil vita nova update

Terra Nil has received a major update overnight, introducing its new Vita Nova DLC – which is free for all players. As announced, this update will introduce a new 3D world map for the game, while also allowing players to conquer five new levels, and establish nine new buildings. Tweaks for the wildlife system are also in play, with these requiring players to implement new strategies for growth.

One of the five new levels, Polluted Bay, will feature “a dead landscape carved in half by a badly polluted river” – and it’ll be up to you to bring this area back to life, establishing helpful buildings and natural structures to remove the pollution, and invite nature back in. Scorched Caldera is another of the new levels, and this comprises a volcanic crater that must be turned into a freshwater lake.

As with other levels in Terra Nil, you’ll need to make strategic decisions about where you place your irrigation and cleansing systems, and how you transform the environment. With limited resources, you’ll need to ensure you’re making the best decisions to conquer each level, and make sure both flora and fauna can exist in harmony.

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In addition to new levels, the most noticeable changes for Vita Nova will be to animal appearances. Over the course of improving your lands, you’ll see more animals arriving to graze and build their habitats – but only if you provide the resources they need. Animals now have more complex criteria for settling down, so you’ll need to ensure your lands are ripe for their arrival.

When does Terra Nil‘s Vita Nova update launch?

For those who already own Terra Nil on PC, or have access on mobile via Netflix, the Vita Nova update is out now. If it hasn’t downloaded automatically, you can check your respective storefront to initiate a manual update.

The Switch version of the Vita Nota update is set to arrive shortly, so stay tuned for more news.

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