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playstation vr2 release date price

PlayStation VR2 launches in February 2023 at a hefty price

Here's when you can expect the PlayStation VR2 to launch, and the whopping price tag.

meta quest pro vr

Meta Connect 2022: Every major announcement at the show

Here's everything announced at Meta Connect 2022, including details on the Meta Quest Pro.

playstation vr 2

PlayStation VR2 reportedly begins mass production

The upcoming device is reportedly expected to sell far more than its predecessor.

playstation vr 2

PlayStation VR2 will not be backward compatible

The upcoming PlayStation VR2 will not support past PSVR games, according to Sony.

meta quest 2 vr gaming device review

Meta Quest 2 review – A stepping stone to the future

The Meta Quest 2 is a step forward for VR gaming – although it's held back by its game library.

meta quest meta connect october 2022

Meta Quest Pro VR will likely appear at Meta Connect 2022

The Meta Quest Pro VR is likely to appear during the latest Meta Connect showcase in October.

playstation vr2 impressions preview

PlayStation VR2 is officially launching in early 2023

We finally have an official launch window for the highly-anticipated headset.

liminal vr

Liminal VR uses virtual reality to improve wellbeing

Melbourne-based studio Liminal VR is working to use virtual, augmented and mixed reality to create meaningful experiences.

playstation vr 2

Sony reveals first look at PlayStation VR2 headset

The newly revealed PlayStation VR2 headset has a modular, white design that pairs perfectly with the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation Home

PlayStation creator Ken Kutaragi criticises VR, the metaverse

PlayStation's founding father has shared his thoughts about the metaverse and VR, and why they'll never replace real life.

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