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final fantasy 7 remake part 2

Square Enix wants to make 'story-focused' NFTs

Square Enix remains positive about blockchain tech, and how it can aid the creation of story-based NFTs.

final fantasy 7 remake rebirth roundup

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 and more shown at anniversary showcase

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was officially announced during the Final Fantasy 7 anniversary celebrations.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis ios Android

Final Fantasy 7 getting remade again, for mobiles, with Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis will once again remake the events of Final Fantasy 7 for iOS and Android mobile…

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 getting remaster, titled Reunion

Previously a PSP exclusive, the much-loved Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 is getting the remaster treatment for modern consoles.

final fantasy 7 rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be a 3-part series, second called 'Rebirth'

Square Enix announced that the second game in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake series would be called 'Rebirth'.

kingdom hearts final fantasy

Kingdom Hearts introduced Final Fantasy characters as a gateway for fans

Tetsuya Nomura has opened up about the future of Kingdom Hearts, and whether the fourth instalment will include Final Fantasy…

tomb raider unreal engine 5

Square Enix says Eidos and Crystal Dynamics cash won't go to blockchain

Square Enix has confirmed money earned from the sale of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos won't go towards NFTs and blockchain.

final fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 release date revealed, flashy combat shown

An in-depth look at Final Fantasy 16 was shown during the PlayStation State of Play, featuring a very action-heavy combat…

romancing saga minstrel song

Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song gets long-awaited remaster

Romancing Saga -Minstrel Song- Remastered will finally allow players in Australia and New Zealand access to the fourth SaGa story.

final fantasy 7 remake part 2

Final Fantasy 7 anniversary news is on the horizon

Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura has said 'various' announcements about Final Fantasy will be made in June.

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