Square Enix launches Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest merch for pets

Arm your tiny dog with a plush Buster Sword, or put them in a Slime house.
square enix pet merchandise

Square Enix is launching Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest merchandise for pets, with a slate of new collectibles, accessories, and outfits announced on its website. So far, the company is planning to launch a range of products under its new “SQEX Pets” brand, including leashes, bandanas, pet clothing, and pet houses.

As revealed, there will be plenty of items on the way for fans of Square Enix’s “big three” franchises. For those who enjoy Dragon Quest, there’s two dog bandanas on the way – one featuring a Slime face, and the other featuring a Slime pattern. There’s also a large Slime house which is roomy enough for a small dog to fit inside.

Image: Square Enix

Final Fantasy fans also have plenty of options in the collection. The standout accessory is the rope toy Buster Sword, which is a plush replica of Cloud Strife’s iconic weapon – and you can also get the Buster Sword as a nail sharpener.

Additionally, the collection features a “Fat Moogle” nail sharpener, and a Gold Saucer-inspired pet house with tiny Moogle plushies on top.

Surprisingly, the biggest collection of the bunch is Kingdom Hearts – which comprises six individual items. There’s a dog mat with iconic franchise symbols, a cute little jacket that reflects Sora’s look in Kingdom Hearts 3, a monogram bandana, an open pet bed, a KH leash, and an adorable plush Paopu Fruit rope toy.

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It appears Square Enix has big plans for its newly-unveiled pet brand, with more accessories likely on the way, should this first batch prove successful. At this stage, all products revealed are still under development and likely some time away, but we hope to hear more shortly.

Given the popularity of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest, and the potential of these pet accessories, we can certainly see Square Enix’s latest foray being a strong success. For now, we’ll have to stay tuned for more details.

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