Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – Review Roundup

Here's what critics are saying about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
final fantasy 7 rebirth review roundup

Early reviews for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth have painted a brilliant picture of a sweeping, epic adventure that modernises the Final Fantasy 7 story for modern audiences – with plenty of twists for returning players, and surprises for those new to the tale. As of writing, it’s become the second-highest rated Final Fantasy game on Metacritic, just behind Final Fantasy 9.

That’s an impressive achievement, and one that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has earned. In the five-star GamesHub review, we called it a triumph of storytelling, praising its narrative, character arcs, action, and depth.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth had a difficult task ahead of it. To live up to the legacy of the excellent Final Fantasy 7 Remake, prove just as affecting as its predecessor, and yet hold back enough to pave the way for a devastating final chapter,” we wrote. “As the second act in a grand trilogy, it toes the line beautifully, arriving as a triumphant, heartbreaking, gorgeous adventure with a slower yet emotionally satisfying story filled with stylistic flourish.”

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But GamesHub wasn’t the only website to share praise for the adventure. Here’s what other critics have said about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth so far.

IGN – 9/10

Over on IGN, writer Michael Higham was impressed by how Rebirth builds on the foundation of Remake to tell its own story, weaving in sharp twists and “magic” moments to flesh out its characters, and its world. While he was less enthused about the game’s ending, he still felt Rebirth was an impressive, sprawling adventure.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth impressively builds off of what Remake set in motion as both a best-in-class action-RPG full of exciting challenge and depth, and as an awe-inspiring recreation of a world that has meant so much to so many for so long,” Higham said. “For as flawed as parts of how this classic has been reimagined might be, Rebirth still stands out as something both thrilling and unexpectedly impactful.”

VGC – 5 Stars

Writing for VGC, reviewer Jordan Middler gave Rebirth the full five-star treatment, roundly praising its scope, action, story, mini-games, and “kitchen-sink approach.” While Middler noted some pacing issues in the game, and some confusion in the overarching story, he found these elements were largely overcome by excellent writing, with a good balance of humour and darker tones.

“Mechanically, it’s a fantastic follow-up full of excellent, engaging gameplay that never bores, even after nearly 100 hours with the game,” Middler said. “It’s also visually incredible, with some scenes comprising of best-in-class graphical might, and the game’s soundtrack is as iconic now as it ever was.”

GameSpot – 8/10

Tamoor Hussain of GameSpot praised Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth‘s exploration of deeper themes – environmentalism, the nature of time and reality – and also enjoyed the game’s complex combat, character relationships, and the reward of exploring the game’s open world. Hussain was less impressed by the main narrative, criticising its pacing, and a lack of consistency.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth doesn’t falter when it comes to individual stories. They make up the vast majority of the game’s runtime and narrative substance, but in the moments that are positioned to have the major consequences for how the story plays out going forward, Rebirth stumbles repeatedly,” Hussain wrote.

“Thankfully, what Final Fantasy Rebirth succeeds at eclipses what it fumbles. It’s a superbly designed gameplay experience that instills a sense of freedom while also making exploration rewarding in a meaningful way.”

Press Start Australia – 9/10

Press Start Australia’s Harry Kalogirou was enamoured with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in his playthrough, praising its divergence from its source material, as well as its overarching ambition, and its sense of introspection. Kalogirou particularly enjoyed the game’s more personal stories, and how it explores the journey of the main cast in meaningful ways.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is an immense and expansive middle chapter of this ambitious remake trilogy,” Kalogirou wrote. “A reimagined and redefined behemoth of a game that simultaneously plays on nostalgia and forces you to question your memories of the original. While it suffers from some rote open world elements and a few technical issues, Rebirth is another magnificent entry into the gilded halls of Final Fantasy.”

Eurogamer – 4 Stars

On Eurogamer, critic Ed Nightingale declared Rebirth a playful but overstuffed adventure, with a strong story slightly muddled by its own twists and narrative turns. Regardless of this criticism, Nightingale enjoyed the game’s open world exploration, its combat, and its flamboyance.

“The game leans heavily, and pleasingly, into the bizarre and the flamboyant. Final Fantasy 7 has always been emo but eccentric – and now it’s even more so,” Nightingale wrote. “There’s eco terrorism and science experiments gone wrong, but also talking animals, homoeroticism between the lead and his nemesis, and giant rideable chickens that fart jet-propelled water.”

GamesRadar – 4.5 Stars

Writing for GamesRadar, critic Iain Harris gave Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth 4.5 stars, praising the chemistry of its main stars, its excellent combat, and the strong reward of exploring side content. While Harris felt the game’s story was occasionally convoluted, he was impressed by how Rebirth adapted the original game’s slower middle act.

“Among its many highs, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the beloved RPG series at its best,” Harris wrote. “Chemistry between characters continues to shine, improvements to side-content ensure that the original’s step-out moment is one worth taking, and combat remains Square Enix’s most compelling blend of modern action and active time battle heritage.”

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launches exclusively for PS5 on 29 February 2024.

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