Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth spoilers have leaked online

Stay wary if you're looking to play Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth with fresh eyes on launch.
final fantasy 7 rebirth review roundup

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth spoilers have reportedly leaked online, with cutscenes, screenshots, and story descriptions now doing the rounds on Twitter / X, Reddit, and other social media platforms. It appears one or several folks who’ve gotten their hands on early review copies of the game may have ignored embargo warnings for the sake of revealing major spoilers online.

Anyone looking to go into the game fresh when it launches on 29 February 2024 should take the time now to set up any block words or filters possible to keep their social feeds clean of these spoilers – or otherwise, avoid searching for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth entirely.

While it seems a bit odd to warn away from spoilers for a 27-year-old story, Rebirth and its predecessor are re-imaginings of the original Final Fantasy 7, with tweaks to the narrative to modernise it, and make it more engaging. Some of these tweaks are reportedly included in the leaks, per Kotaku. We won’t be sharing them on GamesHub.

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Given there are two weeks to go until the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and that some players seemingly have their hands on early copies, it may be a fight to remain spoiler-free until launch. Should Rebirth live up to the grandeur and scale of Remake, it’s certainly a game you’ll want to experience for yourself.

If you are keen for spoilers, suffice to say there’s ways to find them as you’re browsing online – but for everyone else, it’s best to stay cautious in the lead up to the game’s launch.

We’ll have more on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in the coming weeks.

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