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God of War Ragnarok dice awards nominations

God of War Ragnarok preview: The first six hours

The opening sections of God of War Ragnarok feel familiar, but there are promising hints of how grand this new…

The Last of Us HBO TV Adaptation

HBO's The Last of Us TV show gets first major trailer

The new trailer for the upcoming TV series spotlights Ellie, Joel, and the Clickers.

bend studio days gone new game

PlayStation's Days Gone studio working on new multiplayer game

Bend Studio is rebooting its identity ahead of work and recruitment on a new open-world multiplayer game.

playstation plus sony aaa games

Sony CFO says games will 'deteriorate' if Game Pass model is used

Sony CFO Hikori Totoki has doubled down on the company's stance that AAA games can't be released day one on…

playstation plus ps4 ps5

New PlayStation Plus won't include fresh PS4, PS5 releases

Sony CEO Jim Ryan has made clear that nothing will change in regards to upcoming PlayStation Studios releases.

Aloy, protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West

Julie Elven is the unsung hero of Horizon Forbidden West

In Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy's journey is truly brought to life by the sounds of composer Joris de Man and…

Haven Studios jade raymond pierre francois sapinski

PlayStation Studios has acquired Haven Studios

Haven Studios is currently working on a 'modern multiplayer experience' designed to bring players together.

Gran Turismo 7 review

Gran Turismo 7 Review - Going the extra mile

Gran Turismo 7 is an impressive driving simulation that goes the extra mile to present an approachable pathway to the…

playstation plus now new tier

7 essential tips for playing Horizon Forbidden West

It's dangerous to journey in Horizon Forbidden West's world. These tips should help you along your way.

horizon zero dawn tv show project

Sony will plant trees for players who earn Horizon Forbidden West trophy

Sony is set to plant trees for every player that earns the 'Reached the Daunt' achievement in Horizon Forbidden West.

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