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child of light xbox 360 store

Preserve gaming history with the Xbox 360 Store sale

Microsoft has reduced prices on the Xbox 360 Store to encourage players to grab games before they're gone.

pac-man 99 game delisting nintendo eshop

Pac-Man 99 is shutting down in October 2023

Pac-Man 99 will be taken off the Nintendo eShop in October 2023, with online service also set to shut down.

crash bandicoot 4 it's about time

Crash Bandicoot: Wumpa League footage uncovered

Historian Liam Robertson has shared footage and screenshots from an in-development build of Crash Bandicoot: Wumpa League.

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl leak

The Pokemon Company is building its own museum

The Pokemon Company is building its own 'archive and museum' to better preserve its iconic history.

untitled goose game preserved

ACMI, NFSA and The Powerhouse team up to preserve video game history

Untitled Goose Game is set to be preserved by ACMI, NFSA, and The Powerhouse in a joint initiative.

playstation one classics are getting inferior versions on the new ps plus subscription program

PlayStation Classics are being hamstrung on new PS Plus

Sony's new PlayStation Plus subscription service is rolling out in Asia ahead of its staggered worldwide launch.

nintendo video game history

Nintendo accused of destroying video game history

Nintendo will soon shutter the Wii U and 3DS eShop stores, cutting off access to many digital-only titles.

blinx the time sweeper lives on with xbox emulation

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says emulation is key to game preservation

Phil Spencer believes the games industry should work together to preserve its history.