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Against the Storm

Against the Storm and its compelling, continuous rain

Mikołaj Kurpios explains how he created the immersive music and sound for Against the Storm. 

stardew valley concert tour

Stardew Valley concert tour kicks off in 2024

The music of Stardew Valley is being brought to life across global orchestral performances.

orchestra victoria indie symphony

Australian video game music is an exciting area of cultural activity – and you should pay attention

A new report details how Australian game music is garnering global critical and commercial success, but remains unappreciated as a…

Untitled Goose Game Australian Interactive Games Fund National Cultural Policy

Australian Music and Games 2023 Benchmark calls for industry change

A new study has revealed how Australian musicians contribute to the games sector – and how their work is being…

The Australia Council Australian Music and Games Benchmark Survey 2023

Musicians and composers are highly encouraged to participate in The Australian Music and Games Benchmark 2023 Survey

The Australia Council for the Arts is looking to gain a deeper and wider understanding of the landscape of Australian…

Stephanie Economou, Grammy Award-winning composer.

Grammy Award-winning composer Stephanie Economou on her win and industry validation

Stephanie Economou, the composer of Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok, talks about what her Grammy win means for the…

doom eternal composer accusations

Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon refutes id Software allegations

Doom Eternal OST composer Mick Gordon has alleged that id Software producer Marty Stratton lied about bad behaviour and soundtrack…

video game soundtracks

Activision files patent for AI-generated game soundtracks

A new Activision patent could reveal the future of video game soundtracks – with artificial intelligence at the fore.

High Score Game Audio Conference MIGW

The High Score conference is building game audio from the ground up

Australia’s game audio conference is all about ideas and how to share them.

High Score Promotional Image

Giveaway: Free tickets to High Score 2022 at MIGW

APRA AMCOS is giving GamesHub readers the chance to win complimentary passes to the High Score 2022 conference, both in-person…

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