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Stephanie Economou, Grammy Award-winning composer.

Grammy Award-winning composer Stephanie Economou on her win and industry validation

Stephanie Economou, the composer of Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok, talks about what her Grammy win means for the…

doom eternal composer accusations

Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon refutes id Software allegations

Doom Eternal OST composer Mick Gordon has alleged that id Software producer Marty Stratton lied about bad behaviour and soundtrack…

video game soundtracks

Activision files patent for AI-generated game soundtracks

A new Activision patent could reveal the future of video game soundtracks – with artificial intelligence at the fore.

High Score Game Audio Conference MIGW

The High Score conference is building game audio from the ground up

Australia’s game audio conference is all about ideas and how to share them.

High Score Promotional Image

Giveaway: Free tickets to High Score 2022 at MIGW

APRA AMCOS is giving GamesHub readers the chance to win complimentary passes to the High Score 2022 conference, both in-person…

ABC Classic is looking for the best film, TV, and video game music

How game soundtracks scored in Australia's Classic 100 ranking

Australia's ABC Classic radio station set out to rank the best music composed for TV, film, and video games in…

Sound Byte video games music event

Australian video game composers celebrated at Sound Byte

Sinister Creative's Sound Byte event highlights the industry's talented local video game composers.

ABC Classic is looking for the best film, TV, and video game music

The ABC wants to rank Australia's favourite video game music

ABC Classic is on a hunt to find the best music composed for the screen, and video games will be…

A track from Kirby Super Star is up for a Grammy

Kirby tune nominated for a 2022 Grammy Award

A new big band arrangement of a track from the 1996 Kirby Super Star game on Super Nintendo has been…


Scoring a role: how do you compose music for games?

Videogames offer many opportunities for audio experts, but how do you crack into this evolving industry? We talked to Ring…

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