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playstation plus essential games december 2022

EA says single player games are 'really, really important' after controversy

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA has enthused about single player games in a recent earnings call.

nintendo switch successor

Nintendo reports sales drop as economic downturn continues

Nintendo has reported a minor sales drop in hardware and software as coronavirus continues to play havoc on the economy.

call of duty microsoft playstation exclusive

Activision Blizzard reports sales decline, employee boost in Q2 earnings

Activision Blizzard has reported a sales decline for Q2 2022, but planned growth may right the ship.

Sony PlayStation Financials

Sony reduces income forecast after rocky Q1 performance

Sony has revised its operating income forecast for the future as expenses grow, and profits drop.

nintendo mario switch nfts

Saudi Arabia is now the fifth largest Nintendo shareholder

Saudi Arabia has purchased 5.01% of Nintendo as the country's Public Investment Fund (PIF) continues to invest in video game…

tomb raider crystal dynamics layoffs

Square Enix is already looking to establish new studios

Square Enix has revealed plans to establish new studios through mergers and acquisitions in its latest financial report.

capcom financial results

Capcom announces new game releases, 5th year of record profits

Capcom has once again announced record profits, thanks to Resident Evil Village and other major successes.

fifa 23 ultimate team packs gambling loot boxes

Everything we learned from the latest EA financial report

The latest EA financial report has revealed major growth in net bookings, and future plans for the gaming calendar.

bayonetta 3 nintendo financial reports 2022

The most interesting news from the Nintendo FY22 financial reports

The latest Nintendo financial reports have revealed a number of major surprises across the Mario Kart, Metroid and Pokemon franchises.

Xbox Game Pass giveaway

Microsoft gaming revenue up 6% in a record period for Xbox

Microsft's gaming revenue has experienced a small boost over the last year, despite console shortages.

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