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deathloop arkane studios

Deathloop was brought to life by Dishonored 3 concerns

Bethesda reportedly wanted Arkane to work on a smaller, simpler game before approaching Dishonored 3.

let's build a zoo

Here's everything else coming to Xbox Game Pass in September 2022

The second wave of Xbox Game Pass releases for September 2022 has officially been announced.

xbox game pass tokyo game show 2022 deathloop

Tokyo Game Show Xbox 2022: Every major announcement

Xbox held a major livestream during the Tokyo Game Show 2022. Here's everything announced.

deathloop arkane studios

Deathloop voice actor Jason E. Kelley sparks sequel furore

Jason E. Kelley, who portrays Colt in Deathloop, has entered into the recording booth again.

game of the year best games 2021
Opinions & Analysis

The best video games of 2021 according to Leah J. Williams

It's been a solid year for indie and AAA games, with titles like Let's Build A Zoo, Deathloop and Toem…

playstation plus games september 2022
Opinions & Analysis

5 games to grab from the latest Steam Winter Sale

The Steam Winter Sale has finally kicked off, with plenty of great games to buy. If you're looking to be…

best playstation games 2021

The Best PlayStation games of 2021

Despite a quieter year, PlayStation enjoyed a slew of great titles, including some standout platform exclusives.


Deathloop Review - Proving that creativity is the best weapon

Designed around building your confidence and agency, Deathloop succeeds showing you that the most powerful weapon is your ability to…