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Activision Blizzard

activision blizzard bobby kotick explains sale

Bobby Kotick claims Overwatch 2, Diablo 4 caused Activision Blizzard stock drop

CEO Bobby Kotick has claimed the major Activision Blizzard stock drop of 2021 was not impacted by sexual harassment allegations.

activision blizzard microsoft franchises

Every Activision Blizzard franchise Microsoft could resurrect

Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard brings with it a lot of franchise potential.

Activision Blizzard Lawsuit

Activision Blizzard lawsuits: Everything that has happened so far

A running timeline of all the events surrounding the Activision Blizzard lawsuits.

call of duty microsoft exclusive game

Microsoft purchases Activision Blizzard for US $68.7 billion

Microsoft has agreed to purchase embattled company Activision Blizzard in a whopping US $68.7 billion deal.

bobby kotick allegations activision blizzard

New report claims CEO Bobby Kotick is still trying to hide Activision Blizzard issues

A new report alleges Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has continued to cover up major issues at the company.

overwatch 2 twitter mcdonalds

Lego delays Overwatch 2 set as it reviews Activision Blizzard partnership

Lego has delayed an upcoming Overwatch 2 set as the company reviews its relationship with Activision Blizzard.

phil spencer xbox activision blizzard

Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirms 'change' in Activision Blizzard relationship

Xbox's relationship with Activision Blizzard has reportedly gone through certain changes, although it's unclear what these are.

call of duty treyarch harassment

Call of Duty studio says there is 'no room' for harassment at the company

Treyarch has released a statement condemning sexism and bullying in the workplace.

future of play direct 2021

Everything announced at December's Future of Play Direct

The latest Future of Play Direct gave a window into the world of brilliant upcoming indie games.

activision blizzard strike union

Activision Blizzard Workers Alliance announces strike, plans unionisation

The ABK Workers Alliance has announced its intention to strike, and to ultimately form a union.

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