Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players get rich off frozen meat

The 'frozen meat glitch' is wildly disrupting the economy of Tears of the Kingdom.
zelda tears of the kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a tightly-designed game with limitless potential – so of course, players are constantly stretching the bounds of what’s possible by trying to break it in plentiful ways. While Nintendo has already patched out some of the biggest exploits in the game, as of Game Version 1.1.2, it appears a rather curious money-making glitch still exists.

Known fondly as the ‘frozen meat glitch’, this oversight is allowing players to make bank, earning hundreds of Rupees and essentially breaking the game’s economy. The glitch was first discovered by YouTuber Austin John Plays and reported on by Kotaku, and has since spread throughout the web, as players become frozen meat millionaires overnight.

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Essentially, the process for exploiting this glitch is as follows.

How to exploit the frozen meat glitch in Tears of the Kingdom

Players will drop two pieces of meat on the ground, then fuse them with two branches or sticks. These meat-based weapons are then combined, and the process is repeated 21 times.

Eventually, you’ll wind up with a giant meat stick. If you favourite this meat stick with the Autobuild ability, and then head to an icy environment, you’ll be able to summon it into the world. As long as the weather tracker is showing snow-snow-snow, you should be able to wander into a cold climate and watch as your meat falls off your sticks, frozen.

This gives you dozens of free meats to sell – and the act can be repeated multiple times for zero cost, creating endless goods to sell for high profit.

While there are some other unique criteria you’ll need to fulfil to pull off this glitch, reports from around the web state it’s fairly easy to replicate. So, if you’re struggling to stay liquid while you travel through Tears of the Kingdom, frozen meat could be your saviour.

You can check out the complete method via YouTube:


Once you head to your nearest shop with your free frozen meat goods, you’ll be able to rack up the Rupees and become a millionaire in the land of Hyrule.

For now, the glitch has yet to be patched out of the game – but if you’re keen to go on a spending spree, it’s best to check out this exploit while it sticks around. Expect it to disappear in future updates for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as Nintendo looks to create more balance in the game.

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