New look at The Wolf Among Us 2 confirms game is still in development

New screenshots from The Wolf Among Us 2 have been shared by Game Awards host, Geoff Keighley.
the wolf among us new screenshots

New screenshots from The Wolf Among Us 2 shared by Game Awards host Geoff Keighley on Twitter / X have seemingly confirmed the game is still in active development, despite rumours suggesting otherwise.

In October 2023, reports from former Telltale Games staff indicated mayor layoffs had taken place at the studio, with “most” employees impacted. According to one former staff member, the status of The Wolf Among Us 2 was under NDA following layoffs, and employees were prevented from sharing any details that would’ve harmed Telltale Games.

Following these reports, Telltale itself confirmed layoffs, claiming they were necessary due to market conditions. At the time, Telltale also claimed all projects that were in development at the time – including The Wolf Among Us 2 – were still in production.

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In the months following this news, there was much speculation about the status of The Wolf Among Us 2, with some critics expressing doubts the game would ever release – particularly considering it was announced way back in 2019.

As of writing, the game is reportedly planned to launch in 2024 – but we’ve seen few updates in recent months. The newly-posted screenshots are the first we’ve seen of the game this year.

In the images, we see a therapy session taking place, Bigby Wolf standing in the snow under a water tower, Bigby staring at something golden, out of focus, and Bigby investigating an apartment crime scene.

They reveal very little about what to expect from The Wolf Among Us 2 – but at the very least, their appearance suggests more news on the way, and that hopefully the game will meet its latest 2024 release target. For now, it’s best to stay tuned for more details, as Telltale Games continues to work on the game.

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