The Witcher spin-off ‘Project Sirius’ is back on track

The Molasses Flood's Witcher spin-off was originally reported to be in limbo as CD Projekt re-evaluated its scope.
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‘Project Sirius’, a spin-off of The Witcher in development at The Molasses Flood, is reportedly back on track after a major rescope and re-evaluation by parent studio, CD Projekt. According to details from Eurogamer, a ‘new framework’ for the upcoming game has now been finalised, allowing the development team to move forward with a refreshed plan.

In early March 2023, the game was reportedly undergoing a major scope replan as the ‘commercial potential of the original concept’ was under scrutiny. To better align the game with its ongoing strategy, CD Projekt announced to investors that it would work with The Molasses Flood to revamp Project Sirius and ensure its success.

‘It’s better to cut costs early and even restart if needed, than to carry on,’ Piotr Nielubowicz, CD Projekt’s Chief Financial Officer reportedly said during the company’s March earnings call. It was further suggested that some costs associated with development work on the project would be written off as a result of this revamp.

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According to a new regulatory announcement surfaced by Eurogamer, these circumstances have changed, as the revamp has allowed CD Projekt Red to reverse some of its ‘impairment allowance’ – in basic terms, an estimate of losses – for 2022.

Per Eurogamer, this reversal is said to be connected to successful and efficient work on the new framework for Project Sirius. As for how the game has been changed in this process – very little is currently known.

The Molasses Flood’s Witcher game was first announced in late 2022, as one of many new games in the works at CD Projekt. At the time, it was described as a game with ‘single-player and multiplayer functionality’ that would appeal to a ‘broader audience’. It’s unclear what this entailed, and whether the reported revamp has changed the direction of the adventure.

Whatever the case, we’re likely to hear more about Project Sirius in future.

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