The Pokemon Center has landed in Australia and New Zealand

The long-awaited arrival of the Pokemon Center in Australia and New Zealand has finally come.
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The Pokemon Center has officially taken its first tentative steps in Australia and New Zealand, with the website now live in early stages. From Pokemon squishmallows to an array of packs for the Pokemon TCG, the website is ready for eager Pokemon fans to peruse.

The news comes just a couple of weeks after Nintendo confirmed that the store would be making its way to our shores, which was announced to great excitement. The quick turnaround has been a huge win for Australian and New Zealand Pokemon fans.

Senior director of Pokemon Center and e-commerce at The Pokemon Company International, Cindy Ruppenthal had said in a statement, “We are incredibly grateful to the community for their continuous support and love for Pokémon Center, allowing us to expand into additional regions and bring the joy of Pokémon to more Trainers around the world.”

It’s worth noting that they’re being very upfront about how early stages the new Pokemon Center is, with a pop-up on the Australian website reading, “We’re excited to welcome you in with the best possible experience, but this site is still in its early stages, and you may see a few hiccups. With that note of caution, please have fun browsing our current selection and be sure to check back – we’ll be working hard to add new product lines continually!”

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What’s available at the Pokemon Center in Australia and New Zealand?

If you’re a huge Pokemon fan and you haven’t yet found the time to browse through the website, allow us to give you a few top examples of what’s on offer.

The main attraction is definitely the selection of Pokemon plushes, with an assortment of sizes from small keychain accessories through to sizeable squishmallows. If you’re less into plush, there are also a few figures that feel more suited to adorning your bookshelves and desks – maybe even your work desk, to bring a little Pokemon energy to work with you. If you prefer to show your fandom through your attire, there’s also a variety of clothing items on offer too.

The prices for most of these items skew to the more expensive end, but there are still items that are accessible for most price points. Either way, it’s certainly worth keeping an eye out to see what developments come as the Pokemon Center evolves from the early stages to its final form – we will be.

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