SXSW Sydney 2024: New games join the show lineup

Here's a few more games you'll be able to play at SXSW Sydney 2024.
wild bastards sxsw sydney 2024

A new wave of games has joined the SXSW Sydney 2024 lineup, with plenty of notable names amongst the list. Headlining the pack of new inclusions, following the initial Games Festival announcement, is Blue Manchu’s Wild Bastards – the roguelike strategy sequel starring a gang of chaotic, gun-toting outlaws.

For a list of other highlights, we’ll also see garden puzzler Botany Manor from Balloon Studios, as well as promising new titles from developers based all around the world. There’s Farewell North, a game about restoring colour to a strange world, Dungeons and Dining Tables, a cosy RPG starring a warrior axolotl, and Candlelight: Lament, a noir, Lovecraftian mystery adventure.

Stealth-action adventure Raw Metal will also be present, as will the delightful-looking Pieced Together, a cosy, emotional game about scrapbooking. Meanwhile, The Diner at the End of the Galaxy promises “an intergalactic diplomacy game masquerading as a diner management game”, and you’ll also be able to spend time managing a dungeon with cats in Dungeon Inn.

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Per the newly-released schedule, we’ll also see the following games appear at SXSW Sydney 2024, in some capacity – whether at the Games Festival or presented at panels:

  • Anticitizen Red
  • Antipaint
  • Arranger: A Role-puzzling Adventure
  • Blood Reaver
  • Creatures of Ava
  • Death of Partisan
  • Deitrus
  • Fishbowl
  • Fox and Shadow
  • Garganta
  • Hello Again
  • Horses
  • Incolatus
  • Indika
  • Isopod
  • Judero
  • Katana Rama
  • Key Fairy
  • Kusan: City of Wolves
  • Lightsup!
  • Little Ruin
  • Lost Twins 2
  • Miro & The Atomics
  • Misc. A Tiny Tale
  • Momento
  • My Arms Are Longer Now
  • Nanoapostle
  • Nirvana Noir
  • No Humanity 2
  • Rat Trap
  • Richochet Rodeo
  • Shelflife: Art School Detective
  • Sol Cesto
  • Somi
  • Sopa – Tale of the Stolen Potato
  • Sulfur
  • Surf Club
  • The Palace on the Hill
  • Until Then
  • Wax Heads
  • What The Car?
  • Your Holy & Virtuous Heretic

These games join titles including Mystiques and Hyper Light Breaker, which were previously announced for SXSW Sydney 2024. Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming event, and what to expect from its dedicated games track.

SXSW Sydney 2024 will kick off on 14 October 2024.

Leah J. Williams is a gaming and entertainment journalist who's spent years writing about the games industry, her love for The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS and every piece of weird history she knows. You can find her tweeting @legenette most days.