The first Super Mario Bros. movie teaser will debut at NYCC

The first look at the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film is right around the corner.
mario movie teaser trailer nycc

The first glimpse at the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie will be revealed with a debut teaser trailer set to premiere at New York Comic Con on 6 October 2022. At this stage, it appears the teaser will be shown in-person at NYCC – 4:00 pm ET for those attending – with the VOD likely appearing online shortly afterwards.

[Update: The Super Mario Bros Movie trailer has now been released]

Weeks ahead of its debut, the NYCC team is already hyping up the fresh teaser, although given it’s only a teaser and not a full trailer, it may not be a meaty glimpse at the action. It is, however, very likely we’ll hear teaser snippets of the controversial voice acting cast – which includes Chris Pratt as Mario.

When the Mario movie was initially announced, Pratt promised his Mario voice would be ‘unlike anything you’ve ever heard‘ – which worried many. For decades, veteran voice actor Charles Martinet has portrayed both Luigi and Mario in video games and other media, with his version of the character being widely loved. Pratt’s casting, and his later promises of something completely different, sparked much controversy online.

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Regardless of popular sentiment, Nintendo and Illumination are forging ahead with their modern movie interpretation of Super Mario Bros. We’ll likely see just how different this interpretation of the iconic plumber’s tale is when the NYCC teaser trailer debuts.

How to watch the Super Mario Bros. movie NYCC teaser trailer

At this stage, there is no confirmation that an online version of the Super Mario Bros. movie teaser trailer will debut after its showing at New York Comic Con – but we do know when it will go live on the show floor. Attendees will be able to watch the trailer at the following times:

  • United States – 4:00 pm ET | 1:00 pm PT (6 October)
  • United Kingdom – 10:00 pm CET | 9:00 pm BST (6 October)
  • Australia – 9:00 am AEST | 8:30 am ACST | 7:00 am AWST (7 October)

Should the teaser be set for a simultaneous global release, expect it to go live across YouTube and social media either at this time, or shortly afterwards. Even if it doesn’t get an official release, this is likely when social media will be flooded with impressions and bootleg clips.

Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie.

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