Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Season 2 revealed

Mrs. Freeze will debut with the second season of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.
suicide squad kill the justice league

Rocksteady Studios has officially revealed the next season of content for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in a teaser email sent to players. As announced, Season 2 of the game will kick off on 11 July 2024, and it introduces a range of new cosmetics and weapons, as well as a new villain – Victoria Fries, aka Mrs. Freeze.

Based on this teaser, it appear Mrs. Freeze is a gender-swapped Elseworlds version of Mr. Freeze, likely with similar ice-based abilities. Like her classic counterpart, she wears a special suit to keep herself frosty – and given Suicide Squad‘s combat, we can assume she’ll wield a frost gun of sorts.

Beyond Mrs. Freeze, players will also be able to earn new collectibles, skins, and weapons in the next season of Suicide Squad content, all inspired by classic DC villains. Killer Frost is represented by her very own Infamy Set, Firefly is getting a Notorious gun, and Parasite gets a Notorious Melee weapon. Captain Cold, Icicle, and Trickster are also getting tie-in weapons.

In addition, Rocksteady has teased rotating Superman and Flash / Superman and Green Lantern Brainiac fights to conquer, as well as an “ever changing Metropolis” that will be impacted by winter blasts.

Players keen to earn new skins with the game’s Battle Pass will find a range of fresh items to unlock, including mech-hologram skins for Harley Quinn, Mrs. Freeze, and Joker. An Arkhamverse Harley Quinn skin will also be available for purchase shortly.

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What’s next for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

For now, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will continue to receive fresh seasonal content, with new villains, gear, and collectibles arriving on a semi-frequent basis. A roadmap announced for the game prior to launch promised four seasons worth of content, with new villains and playable environments arriving in each season – and Rocksteady Studios is sticking to those plans.

While Suicide Squad underperformed on the expectations of Warner Bros., Rocksteady will continue to support the game into the near future. Based on the cadence of current seasons, we can expect new content to be available until at least the end of 2024.

After the game’s planned fourth season lands, its future is less clear. While Rocksteady and Warner Bros. have confirmed the game’s roadmap remains intact, its disappointing performance means long-term future content is unlikely. It’s highly possible that after season four, Suicide Squad switches into maintenance mode, with a revolving array of seasons to keep players running and gunning until live service is eventually wound down.

For now, the game remains in strong health, and new seasons will continue to drop over the coming months – so for those players still jumping in for new missions, there should be ample reasons to keep playing.

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