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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League leak reveals Battle Pass

The new leak also reveals multiple in-game currencies, and other live service elements.
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A leaked image allegedly from a test build of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has revealed several of the game’s major ‘live service’ features – including a Battle Pass, and multiple in-game currencies. The legitimacy of the leak has reportedly been confirmed by VGC, whose sources further claim these elements only relate to cosmetics like skins, and non-gameplay functions.

Despite this, the image has sparked major debate online, as keen players discuss how pervasive these live service elements will be, and whether microtransactions will be a requirement to truly enjoy everything the game has to offer. Comparisons to Square Enix’s Avengers adaptation are the most common responses, with many pointing out the relative failure of this recent experiment.

While live service games have their fans, they also have an overabundance of detractors. Those with limited time to play games, and those who prefer a single entry fee, have expressed disappointment over the newly leaked image, forecasting a future where Suicide Squad players are forced to grind to succeed, and spend money on meaningful advancement.

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‘It’s already bombed and its not even out yet,’ one Twitter commentator wrote.

‘I’m out, no longer my type of game,’ another said.

While Suicide Squad was identified as a game with online multiplayer functionality when it was revealed, many assumed it would be structured more like its Arkham series predecessors, Asylum, City, Origins, and Knight. As a result, live service elements have largely come as a surprise for keen players.

Developer Rocksteady Studios had yet to detail these elements before the leaked screenshot appeared, leading to major confusion over the unexpected Battle Pass and currency system. Sources speaking VGC have identified this currency as XP to be spent on character improvements – but beyond this, we don’t know much about how it functions.

Until official word arrives, it’s likely debate around the game’s potential microtransactions will rage. For now, we only have speculation and a single screenshot to go off – so it’s best to sit back and wait until Rocksteady is ready to reveal more.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is set to launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC on 26 May 2023. Expect more news of the game’s battle pass and currency system ahead of this date.

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