Street Fighter 6 Guide – Where to find Rashid in World Tour mode

The Turbulent Wind makes his way into Street Fighter 6. But where on earth does he hang out?
Street Fighter 6 Rashid World Tour location

Rashid has arrived in Street Fighter 6 as the first post-launch downloadable fighter – the first of four. Alongside his inclusion in the Fighting Ground modes and ranked play, he now also appears in the single-player World Tour mode. He’s available to share his moves with your custom avatar, and you can also befriend him, boost your relationship, and learn more about the intricate details of his backstory. But where in the world do you find him?

Where is Rashid in Street Fighter 6 World Tour?

The Street Fighter community is reporting that Rashid will show up in World Tour whether you have purchased him or not. Unlike some of the other Masters in World Tour, you won’t be able to simply find Rashid on the street in a country and ask him to be your teacher. You’ll have to jump through a couple of extra hoops to get his attention.

The quest required to kick things off is located at the Old Nayshall Central Bazaar at Night.

There, you’ll find a new sidequest giver, Azam, who should be a familiar face if you’ve previously met Rashid in Street Fighter 5.

>Street Fighter 6 Guide - Where to find Rashid in World Tour mode
Image: GamesHub / Capcom

Azam will send you on a mission to find a fighter for an educational video he’s making, and luckily, the game will tell you exactly where you need to go next: halfway up the mountain in Nayshall.

There, you’ll meet Rashid for the first time, and you’ll both return to Azam and get in a quick fight. Once that’s over you’ll part ways, but not for long.

Once the quest is over, Rashid can be found at the Old Nayshall Train Station during Daytime. The closest fast travel point is Central Bazaar.

Chat with him once more, and his real introduction as your teacher will begin.

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>Street Fighter 6 Guide - Where to find Rashid in World Tour mode
Image: GamesHub / Capcom

How much does Rashid cost?

You’ll need to purchase Rashid to use him in Battle Hub and Fighting Ground modes. He’s available from the in-game Goods Shop, and comes at the cost of 350 Fighter Coins – a real-world value of roughly USD $7.00.

He is also included in the Year One Character Pass DLC, which offers access to four characters, extra costume colours, and in-game currency (4200 Drive Tickets), for USD $30.

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If you purchased the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of Street Fighter 6, you should already have access to him, and if you have any Rental Passes from playing online, you can redeem one to use him for one hour.

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