Starfield Premium Edition upgrade tops Xbox game charts worldwide

Early access to Starfield has seemingly tempted thousands of players around the world.
starfield bethesda video games game releases september 2023

The Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade that allows players subscribed to Xbox Game Pass to play the game early – and access a range of additional DLC content – has hit the top spot on multiple Microsoft Store game charts worldwide. Per reporting from Pure Xbox and VGC, the game upgrade is ranked number one for Top Paid Games in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Chile, India, and beyond.

The upgrade has proved to be staggeringly popular – which is notable for a number of reasons. For one thing, the Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade offers early access to the game for a reduced cost, as long as players are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass. Rather than pay the full US $69.99 | AU $119.95 price for access, it offers the game (and its DLC bundle) five days early, for US $34.99 | AU $59.95.

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While the bundle relies on access to Xbox Game Pass – and after a subscription lapses, players will no longer be able to play Starfield unless they purchase the game outright – the popularity of the offering suggests it’s a viable option for many players.

The bundle including access to a major story expansion, skin pack, and digital goodies likely sweetens the deal for players – but it’s fair to say the early access offering is the primary draw for audiences. While Starfield is set to officially launch on 6 September 2023, the temptation of early access (and avoiding spoilers) appears to have inspired global audiences.

That’s significant, as those already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass will technically be able to access Starfield for ‘free’ on launch – as part of their ongoing Xbox Game Pass subscription. With a choice between waiting five extra days for the upcoming title, or splurging to access it early, it appears many have chosen to fork out for the privilege of jumping in ahead of their more reluctant peers.

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It speaks to the popularity of the game, and by extension, the excitement around a brand new Bethesda Game Studios release. It’s also likely a positive sign for Bethesda and Microsoft, as the charts speak to the willingness of players to spend more money to play games earlier – regardless of tangible ‘ownership’.

Ahead of Starfield‘s initial launch, the game is already proving to be mightily popular. Even with early access priced significantly above the base game, Steam recorded around 230,000 concurrent players hopping in on PC in Starfield‘s first two hours. While significantly below recent records set by Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s likely the ‘true’ release of the game on 6 September will herald a significant leap for concurrents, as more budget-conscience players hop in.

Given the game is already setting records on the Xbox and Steam store charts, we’ll likely see Starfield grow in leaps and bounds over the coming weeks.

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