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Starfield mod turns Vasco into Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine has crash-landed in Starfield, thanks to a wily modder.
vasco thomas the tank engine

Thomas the Tank Engine has a viral history with Bethesda Game Studios releases, having first found fame within Skyrim, in dragon form. Modders simply can’t resist the pull of this iconic train – and it appears the urge has reared its head again, as Starfield is now host to yet another Thomas the Tank Engine mod.

Created by BulwarkHD, the newly-released Thomas the Tank Engine Vasco Retexture mod does exactly what you’d expect – repaints early game companion Vasco in the style of Thomas the Tank Engine, complete with a miniature Thomas head. This repaint, paired with the creepy, always staring Thomas head, and Vasco’s gangly limbs, makes for a horrifying sight – but it’ll certainly give your version of Vasco a unique look, and the potential to terrify your enemies.

As hard as it is to believe, it’s not the weirdest Starfield mod currently doing the rounds online. Bethesda Game Studios titles have always been known for having rambunctious modding communities, and just a week after launch, modders are already solidifying this legacy with an array of weird, wonderful – and occasionally useful – mods.

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As spotted by Eurogamer, modder J8oot recently released a mod that transforms Starfield‘s opening moon into the visage of lazy cat Garfield – but specifically, the version from the critically derided live action film. Another modder has also transformed the opening of Starfield into Cowboy Bebop, for an extra stylistic flourish.

Elsewhere, you can download and grab a Hello Kitty-themed space laser, a mod that replaces every in-game painting with an image of Bethesda’s Todd Howard, a mod that makes Nicolas Cage’s face shine from your flashlight, a mod that gives every potato a Nicolas Cage face, and plenty more besides.

As for more helpful mods, they are certainly out there.

One of the most popular is the newly-launched StarUI Inventory overhaul that allows for better inventory screens and item tracking, and there are also a number of visual texture mods designed to make the game crisper, and more visually contrasted. There are also handy mods for better HUD displays, easier mission tracking and tag sorting, easier lockpicking, improved textures, and more – most found on the NexusMods Trending page for Starfield, for those in need.

It’s only early days for Starfield modding at this stage – but we expect to see far more experimentation in the coming weeks, as more players get their hands on the game, and the modding community grows. If there’s a particular aspect of the game you’d like to see improved, it’s likely only a matter of time before PC modders cobble together one solution or another. That said, we also expect to see a lot more mods in the vein of Garfield and Thomas before those meatier additions arrive.

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