Starfield has officially gone gold, Bethesda announces

Starfield is now ready for preload, weeks ahead of its September launch.
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Starfield, the long-delayed space adventure from Bethesda Game Studios, has gone gold ahead of its launch for Xbox Series X/S and PC on 6 September 2023. Essentially, the announcement from Bethesda means the game is ready for release in its current form, as development is technically complete.

While work on refining the game will likely continue, ramping up as players get hands-on with the game, Starfield is now set for launch – with no further delays expected. In fact, starting from 17 August 2023, players on console will be able to preload the launch build of the game, in preparation for unlock. PC players will have to wait slightly longer, until 30 August 2023.

Players who order the Premium Editions of the game will be able to play from 1 September 2023, while other players (including those subscribed to Xbox Game Pass) will be able to jump in from launch on 6 September 2023.

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Given the reported game size of Starfield is around 139.84 GB for PC and 126.1 GB for Xbox consoles, it’s probably a good idea to get your download started as soon as possible. There may be new patches and updates between preload and launch, but a head start on downloading the base version of the game will mean fewer complications on release day.

Starfield is currently tracking to be one of the biggest game releases of 2023, and you can expect rampant discourse in the days following launch. Anyone aiming to avoid spoilers should consider taking the preload option, or setting up any necessary social media blocks and filters as soon as possible.

After years of waiting for Starfield, and a number of development delays, it’s great to see confirmation of the game finally being completed. Per Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield is officially launching on 6 September 2023.

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