Stardew Valley update 1.6 lets you chug mayo

A whole new, horrifying ability is coming to Stardew Valley in its latest update.
stardew valley mayonnaise

If you’ve ever wanted to spend your time in Stardew Valley slurping up whole jars of home-made mayonnaise, then the game’s upcoming 1.6 update will certainly satisfy you. As announced over on Twitter / X, game developer ConcernedApe has made the choice to allow players to drink mayo straight from the jar, making it an easily consumable item.

Previously, it was only an ingredient that could be used to craft meals and clothing, and was not considered a standalone food. Following the launch of the game’s new update on 19 March 2024 PT/ET, that’s set to change forever. As the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter / X account said in response, “NEW PATCH ABOUT TO GO CRAZY.”

For now, it’s unclear why mayonnaise will become drinkable, but given the fan response, it’s weirdly clear that the change is appreciated. One response simply reads: “Finally.” which is fairly ominous, but each to their own.

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In the lead-up to the release of Stardew Valley update 1.6, ConcernedApe has been revealing more about what’s to come, including minor tidbits and teases, like the aforementioned mayo change.

Beyond this, the developer also recently revealed a major new farm type players will be able to establish on a restarted game file: Meadowlands Farm. This farm has “chewy blue grass that animals love” and takes some of the busywork out of establishing an animal supply chain, as it comes with a coop and two chickens.

These new features join already-announced additions including new festivals, dialogue chains, items, tools, outfits, and other secrets.

Those looking forward to revisiting Stardew Valley with plenty of new content onboard – including mayo-chugging abilities – can look forward to the launch of the game’s 1.6 update on 19 March 2024.

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