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489 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players were killed by Rick the Door Technician

Newly-released statistics have revealed an impressive body count for one of Jedi: Survivor's main bosses.
star wars jedi survivor rick the door technician

New statistics revealed by Star Wars Jedi: Survivor developer Respawn Entertainment have revealed numerous tidbits about how players are engaging with the game, including their favourite lightsaber colours and stances, hair cuts, beard lengths, and game difficulty – but perhaps the most interesting statistic of the bunch concerns one of Jedi: Survivor‘s main bosses.

Note: Light story spoilers for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor follow.

According to details posted by the official EA Star Wars account on Twitter, some players facing off against beloved villain Rick the Door Technician are having a tough time of it. In fact, around 489 players have been defeated by Rick – an absolutely shocking stat once you realise this boss is a joke, one-shot-kill inclusion designed to break the tension in the later half of the game.

When you first meet Rick, he presents like any other boss. The game’s camera zooms in, the music gets dramatic, and a health bar appears on screen with his name, indicating he’ll be a tough fight. But the moment you swing your lightsaber in Rick’s direction, he crumples.

If you’ve followed the game’s main story and levelled up to a reasonable degree, you can put Rick away in a single swing. At the very most, it’ll take around 2-3 shots to put Rick down. Yet, it seems some players are taking pity on this defiant villain, letting him get the last laugh despite his meagre power.

To those 489 players who let Rick defeat them – we salute you. He deserves at least a few accolades for his bravery.

Elsewhere in its stat breakdown, Respawn confirmed the majority of players chose Jedi Knight difficulty, the white lightsaber, the single lightsaber stance, and a fashionable combination of a crew cut and short beard for Jedi: Survivor hero, Cal Kestis.

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It also confirmed Rick had stiff ‘competition’ in the difficult boss stakes, with the Rancor managing to defeat an impressive 9,019,384 game players.

Respawn ended its unique stat breakdown with the most important reveal of all – that 100% of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players absolutely loved Turgle, the game’s strange, frog-like mascot who’s become the breakout hero of the adventure.

Long live Turgle. Long live Rick the Door Technician.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is out now on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

05/17/2024 04:57 pm GMT

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