Sega reveals fresh details about upcoming game reboots

Sega has revealed more about its upcoming slate of reboots in a recent management meeting.
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Sega has revealed more about its plans for rebooting its biggest franchises, detailing each upcoming project in a recent management meeting, per VGC.

At The Game Awards 2023, Sega revealed it was developing new titles in the Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and Shinobi franchises – but these were only teased in a quick, flashy reel. There was much excitement about each game, but little time to ruminate on their potential.

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Now, we know a bit more about them, thanks to official synopses detailing each game’s vibe and intentions. Here’s the rundown:

  • Crazy Taxi: “Innovative and Fresh Style Driving Action – Cheerful feeling of freedom x Fusion of nature and city, Peel out the new stage of Crazy City!”
  • Jet Set Radio: “Counter-Counter. Tokyo Street Open World – Experience the “rebellion” movement that feels free in a suffocating society. Make friends, increase your fans, and create a movement!”
  • Shinobi: “Slay the enemies in the silence of the moment. Run through the world of Shinobi, full of monsters and ninja actions. Grab Oberozuki, the legendary sword and slay Evil once more. Your clan and the world are counting on you.”
  • Golden Axe: “Warriors arise to subdue the demons! Defeat your enemies with a variety of attacks with swords and magic! The legendary story about the battle axe, ‘Golden Axe‘ is about to begin!”
  • Streets of Rage Revolution: “Beloved side-scrolling beat ’em up action series! Take control of one of the ex-officers and make the city a place where people no longer have to walk the ‘Streets of Rage.'”

There’s nothing too surprising in these descriptions, with many aligning with the tone of the existing, much-beloved properties – although it is good to see the next Streets of Rage get a firm subtitle in this rundown, and to hear more about the overarching (and seemingly unchanged) vision for each adventure.

With these games, it appears Sega is embracing its roots, playing into nostalgia while also modernising and revamping its games for modern audiences. The return of Jet Set Radio has been particularly celebrated, with many fond memories surrounding this stylish skating adventure.

For now, Sega is yet to reveal extended footage of these projects in action, but we’ll likely see more of each game in 2024, as the company ramps up its release plans, and prepares for a new era.

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