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Saints Row 4 is going free on the Epic Games Store

The news arrives following a major, worldwide upgrade to the game on Steam.
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Volition’s best Saints Row game is set to be offered as a freebie on the Epic Games Store in mid-December, with every Epic user able to nab the game for their growing libraries. This version of the game will be the Saints Row 4: Re-Elected deluxe edition, which includes a number of additional DLC chapters and expansions.

Notably, Saints Row 4 is in the process of being updated over on Steam, with all players who already own the game receiving the Re-Elected DLC packs for free when they initiate the incoming game update on 8 December 2022. This is due to the individual packs being delisted online, with all of them being collated into the already-available Re-Elected package.

Those using the Epic Games storefront will be able to claim the entire game for free on 9 December 2022, alongside ‘bullet hell’ dungeon crawler Wildcat Gun Machine. This adventure from Chunkybox Games combines a cutesy, colourful aesthetic with high-speed, high-stress battles against a range of fleshy, mechanical machines.

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Both games will be available until 16 December 2022, when they’ll be replaced by a brand new free game offering – likely to be Christmas or festive-themed.

If you’ve yet to play Saints Row 4, it’s well worth grabbing. While it looks to be a standard open-world action-adventure, it’s much stranger than its cover suggests. After all, it’s a game that puts you in the shoes of the President of the United States, and asks you to conquer aliens invading Earth by imbuing yourself with a range of superpowers.

It’s also infamous for initially being banned in Australia due to its depiction of an Alien Anal Probe weapon that caught the ire of the local classification board. The was eventually modified, and the game was cleared to be released as planned.

Keep an eye out for Saints Row 4 and Wildcat Gun Machine when they launch as free games on the Epic Games Store from 9-16 December 2022. In the meantime, if you’re looking for other free games you can now claim Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box via the storefront.

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