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Roots of Pacha returns to Steam following dispute resolution

Roots of Pacha has returned to Steam, following an 'amicable' parting of ways between its publisher and developer.
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Stone age farming sim Roots of Pacha has returned to Steam, following the resolution of the dispute between publisher Crytivo and developer Soda Den. The game was originally pulled from Steam amidst alleged conflict over a rescinding work contract, with both parties disputing the legitimacy of act.

Crytivo alleged Soda Den had unexpectedly pulled its working contract with zero grounds, while Soda Den alleged Crytivo had baselessly removed Roots of Pacha from Steam. Now, it appears this conflict has been resolved, with both companies deciding to restore the game to the online storefront, and amicably part ways.

‘Over the past two weeks, Crytivo and Soda Den have worked tirelessly to achieve the common goal of restoring Roots of Pacha on Steam,’ Crytivo and Soda Den announced in a joint statement on Twitter. ‘We are happy to share we have reached an agreement and that Roots of Pacha has been restored to Steam for all to purchase.’

‘We also would like to share that Crytivo and Soda Den have made the decision to amicably part ways under terms that are mutually beneficial. Soda Den sincerely thanks the Crytivo team for their efforts to support and market Roots of Pacha. Crytivo sincerely thanks Soda Den for their dedication and craft that went into the creation of Roots of Pacha.’

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Roots of Pacha is now back on Steam, and available for everyone.

In the following weeks, Soda Den has promised a renewed focus on the development of the game, with a future roadmap announcement on the way. While currently unconfirmed, Soda Den has implied this will include details of a potential Nintendo Switch port, and other game features to be added in due course.

Stay tuned to hear more about this roadmap, and future plans from Soda Den.

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