New PS5 System Update Will Have Greater Accessibility Features

The next PS5 system software update will also expand audio and storage options, as well as improve UI.
playstation access controller

PlayStation has announced the rollout of a new system software beta for the PS5, available to selected participants in the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany and France. The update, which will be released more widely later in the year, focuses on improving the console’s accessibility and audio options.

Per the PlayStation Blog, the new update will allow users to use a second PlayStation 5 controller on a user account, allowing both to perform in the same manner. Sony suggests that this feature might be used in a situation where a player might sometimes need assistance playing a game, such as a parent/child scenario.

Presumably, this feature might also be handy for those who may have issues using a single controller in the traditional method, allowing for a more comfortable setup with separated inputs, or connecting two entirely different controllers that might suit different needs.

Accompanying this feature is the option to turn on haptic feedback when navigating the PS5 menus, with DualSense controllers mimicking system sounds through vibration, such as when selecting options and scrolling.

The system software update is being rolled out ahead of the impending launch of PlayStation’s Accessibility Controller in December 2023, which will likely rely on this system feature to allow for highly customisable setups to suit varied needs.

Additional features to be included in this PS5 System Software Updates include:

  • Allowing the 3D Audio feature to be used across Doly Atmos-enabled devices
  • UI improvements for Parties, Screen Sharing, Game Help, and Discover Tips
  • Search functionality for Game Libraries
  • The ability to mute the PS5’s ‘beep’ when turning the console on and off
  • Support for M.2 SSD storage expansions with a capacity of up to 8TB

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