Princess Peach: Showtime! launches in March 2024

The recently-announced Princess Peach game now has an official title and release date.
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Nintendo has finally pulled back the curtain on its mysterious Princess Peach spin-off game, revealing a new trailer, official title, and release date during the Nintendo Direct showcase in September 2023. As revealed, Princess Peach: Showtime! is coming to Nintendo Switch on 22 March 2024 – and it’s bringing a whole lot of style with it.

Princess Peach takes a starring role in this adventure, quite literally. When the trailer opens, we see Peach getting a special invitation to the Sparkle Theater – but when she arrives, she discovers it’s all part of a plot to threaten the Mushroom Kingdom. The Wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch, a team of new villains, are behind this subterfuge, and they have nefarious plans for the titular princess.

Thrust into the hero role for the first time since 2005’s Super Princess Peach, The Wicked Grape inspires Peach to join forces with a magical ribbon guardian known as Stella, who aids the princess in her quest to defeat the Sour Bunch, and save the theatre.

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Stella can be used to initiate attacks as Peach travels through a variety of stages, each brought to life in cardboard style. There’s a touch of Yoshi’s Crafted World in this design, with structures and obstacles designed to reflect moveable theatre props.

As Peach travels, she’ll also unlock a variety of theatre costumes, with each granting a new ability. One of these – and arguably the one that steals the whole show – is Swashbuckler Peach. Wearing this outfit, Peach gains access to a sword which can be used to cut down enemies, and destroy obstacles.

Several other costumes were also revealed in this trailer, including Detective Peach, who can discover clues and investigate objects, Patissier Peach, who can bake and decorate cakes (a nice callback to Super Mario 64), and Kung-Fu Peach, who can use special martial arts moves to take down her enemies.

In the trailer for Princess Peach: Showtime!, Nintendo also teased the arrival of other costumes, each of which will grant Peach a new ability as she travels through various theatre shows, dispatching the Sour Bunch and saving the day.

Princess Peach: Showtime! launches for Nintendo Switch on 22 March 2024.

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