Pokemon TCG gets mobile game adaptation in 2024

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is getting a Marvel Snap-like adaptation for mobile devices.
pokemon tcg pocket mobile game

During the latest Pokemon Presents, a first look at Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket was revealed. It’s a new mobile game adaptation of the popular Pokemon TCG, with players able to collect digital cards, trade them with friends, and take part in streamlined Marvel Snap-like battles. As announced, the game will arrive on iOS and Android devices in 2024.

The first trailer for the game was relatively meaty, showing off a significant chunk of gameplay and functionality. In the trailer, we see a player going about their day-to-day, earning packs, trading cards, and then assembling a lineup for a simple battle.

Pokemon TCG Pocket will adapt the basic vibe of classic TCG gameplay, with collecting seemingly a major focus, and battles being lighter-touch than in the physical world.

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As announced, the game will include special collectible cards that feature interactive artwork, and allow players to explore illustrated 3D worlds. Every day, players will earn two packs to open, with each offering the possibility of rare collectibles.

Here’s the official game description, for a better idea of this gameplay loop:

“In Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket, players will be able to enjoy the thrill of opening booster packs and collecting cards showcasing special visual effects unique to this digital adaptation of the Pokemon TCG.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket introduces ‘immersive cards’ which give players the experience of leaping into the world of the card’s illustration, providing a whole new way to enjoy the Pokemon TCG.

Players will be able to open two booster packs every day at no cost, including cards with nostalgic illustrations as well as new cards only found in the app. In addition, players will be able to engage in quick battles featuring streamlined rules based on the classic Pokemon TCG battle system.”

We can expect Pokemon TCG Pocket to be a free mobile game with microtransactions, although with two free packs to crack per day, more budget-conscious players will likely get away with more casual engagement, as well.

For now, Nintendo has not announced a firm release date for the game, but we can expect to hear more in the coming months. Stay tuned for the latest developments around Pokemon TCG Pocket.

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