Aussie developer creates custom Playdate game for marriage proposal

Game developer Aaron Nielsen recently proposed to his partner in rather novel fashion.
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Australian game developer Aaron Nielsen, who previously worked on Sea of Thieves, Warcraft 3: Reforged and other major titles, has revealed an incredibly novel Playdate-starring marriage proposal over on social media.

As revealed by Nielsen, he recently proposed to his partner with a custom Playdate game known as Love Letter, which he developed over a number of months. While Nielsen described himself as a “coding novice” he said using the Playdate Pulp editor made the experience smoother. The Playdate community also supported him in his journey, answering questions he had along the way.

Love Letter was in development for six months and went through several iterations, initially starting as a platformer before Nielsen pivoted to making the game “a more hi-score-based arcade experience.” In its final form, Love Letter invited his fiancé to deliver digital letters to their correct mailboxes within a certain time limit.

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“But the timer and scoreboard were all a distraction,” Nielsen said. “At the end of the game all the collected letters would spell “Will you marry me?” – that was my cue to drop to one knee.”

Nielsen has described the game’s entire development journey on Twitter / X, revealing the effort and creativity that went into his proposal. After six months of planning, he’s now engaged – and with an absolutely lovely story to boot. It just goes to show how powerful video games can be, and how novel the Playdate really is.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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