Peridot: New Niantic AR game launches in May 2023

Peridot is a 'real-world' adventure game where you can collect and raise adorable pets.
peridot niantic game

Pokemon GO developer Niantic has revealed its latest AR game, Peridot, will finally launch on 9 May 2023. Pre-registration is now open, although keen players will need to wait to see more of this adorable pet-rearing and adventure simulator.

Like Pokemon GO, Peridot uses augmented reality technology to layer a fantastical world over real-life maps. However, its focus is largely on care and growth, with each Peridot creature needing love, food, and play to thrive. Think of it as an evolution of the humble Tamagotchi.

You’ll need to take your Peridot on walks, where you can also find special items to keep them happy and excited. You can teach them tricks on your adventures, or take photos together. Along the way, you’ll encounter other Peridots and special ‘hidden treasures’.

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As with other free mobile games, Peridot will contain in-app purchases, likely in the form of collectible items, digital toys, and cosmetics – but the primary gameplay functionality will be available to everyone. Regardless of whether you fork out cash, you’ll still be able to discover new digital pals, and spend your time raising them how you see fit.

If you’re somebody who enjoyed the early days of Pokemon GO, or you’re just looking for any excuse to get out into the real world and explore, Peridot may be the game that gets you going.

Given Niantic’s prowess with the ‘real world metaverse‘, there’s reason to hope for a booming future for this intriguing little game. While AR technology has lost some of its novelty in recent years, Peridot appears to be a fresh new take that will appeal to a wide variety of players – particularly those who grew up with digital pet simulators like Tamagotchi, Digimon, and Dinkie Dino.

Peridot launches for iOS and Android devices on 9 May 2023. You can learn more about the game and pre-register for access on the Niantic website.

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